E-commerce is the activity of buying and selling of products on online services. This draws services such as mobile commerce, supply chain management, electronic fund transfer, online transaction etc. It makes buying and selling an easy process as everything can be done by just sitting in one place. Ecommerce will be one of the most effective selling strategies in the near future.

  1. E-commerce benefits the company that sells their product as they give all their assurance and all details below the product

  2. E-commerce is expected to grow 66% by 2020

  3. Customers overcome geographical barriers to buy their desired product

In Sixsix we provide you the best e-commerce services. We have various strategies that will attract all your needs .Our assurance is that your product will be our prime importance and will make it reach globally. The company will break any global barrier for our customers.

  1. The global market has predicted that e-commerce will grow by 70% by 2021

  2. Our marketing team will do all the backbone work for the product

  3. We will do whatever it takes to make your business succeed


To help small and large scale industry to take-up their business next level through our integrated digital marketing services.


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