Branding is the most important in the phase for the corporate world as it tells all about you. Customers identify brands that are more connecting or if they become a part of their regular life. All this is done here for you in Sixsix whether it is a letter head or any online apparatus and even a print advertisement. We have developed a digital strategy for your company with a promising foundation. Let it be a corporate identity or any identity our enthusiastic team will give you the brand that will transform your life.A logo is a version of text and visual imaginary that serves 2 purposes. It tells people the name of the company and it shows a visual symbol that represents the company. A concept or meaning is usually behind an effective logo and it communicates the intended message. A logo helps to identify a brand, make it stand out and ideally drive customer interest and sales.

  1. Simplicity - The logo should convey professionalism

  2. Relevance - More than how cool it looks it should deliver a clear message about what the brand offers,

  3. Uniqueness - The design should set you apart, be recognizable as distinctively yours and not be confused with different brands.

  4. Memorable - If the symbol is complex it will be easily forgotten so depending on the platform and channel the logo should define it all.


To help small and large scale industry to take-up their business next level through our integrated digital marketing services.


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